The Build


Building is what separates us as the top of the food chain on our planet. We can build weapons to hunt and gather food, houses to rest and stay safe, roads to travel far with speed. You name it... we can build it.


Learn how to disconnect

Not allowing yourself to disconnect can be extremely dangerous, it will numb your mind. Another running analogy is to imagine this constant usage as a marathon, after a while your body settles into a rhythm and numbs, you don't feel the individual strides, the stretching of tendons and the impact of your feet.

5 Easy ways to improve your life

In the past 6 months I have made small, slight changes to my mind-set, routine and lifestyle that has had a huge impact to my life and the key thing is... ITS EASY! 1. Drink more water Its is amazing how simple this is but the fact is most of the world is walking around … Continue reading 5 Easy ways to improve your life

Big data is sapping your productivity

The internet is undoubtedly the most important development of the last 100 years There is exactly ZERO¬†excuses to be ignorant and stupid if you have an internet connection. You can learn about anything and everything, read scientific journals, complete online courses and listen to the advice of extremely successful people. But, When are you taking … Continue reading Big data is sapping your productivity