Learn how to disconnect

Lately with running my blog, twitter and doing an internship I have had trouble disconnecting and allowing time for my mind to catch up. This I find is very important to self progression, you need to let your mind reset for it to go forward. Think of your body and mind as a sprint: Attack your work at full force then, rest, evaluate and sprint again.


Not allowing yourself to disconnect can be extremely dangerous, it will numb your mind. Another running analogy is to imagine this constant usage as a marathon, after a while your body settles into a rhythm and numbs, you don’t feel the individual strides, the stretching of tendons and the impact on your feet.

Many people end up in this cycle. Daily numbing of the mind from dull work, lack of exercise and overload of data from social media will set the brain into endurance mode.

If you are really committed to growth and self improvement it is fundamental to disconnect. This issue really became apparent to me over the past weekend as I went to Transylvania. The mountains reaching the sky, the vast planes wide, open and full of corn ebbing and flowing with the wind, mountain dogs and puppies who take your attention away from the world…I was a different person.


I came back to reality refreshed and ready to go, I was energised and completely stress free – a lot more productive. You don’t need your own Mountain to unwind on but it is important to find somewhere you can be alone and free – disconnected from the world.

I am not perfect, I have faults and flaws and this is something I really need to work on. I have seen the benefits I just need to do it more often. This weekend I return to the mountains to unwind, cook, eat and enjoy company. Do something for yourself this weekend and reset your brain.

Here are some of my ideas that I have used to disconnect:

  1. Go on a long walk/run without your phone.
  2. Go to a spa or swimming pool and unwind.
  3. Go to the sea and swim, fish or surf.
  4. Delete all forms of social media off your phone for the weekend and let life happen.

Remember: Bursts of smart working is more beneficial than hours of poor quality work.


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