5 Easy ways to improve your life

In the past 6 months I have made small, slight changes to my mind-set, routine and lifestyle that has had a huge impact to my life and the key thing is…


1. Drink more water

Its is amazing how simple this is but the fact is most of the world is walking around dehydrated. Can you remember the last time you drank water? If you cant then you are most likely dehydrated. Being dehydrated is quite frankly a key mistake people make. It reduces concentration and increases tiredness. Ever feel dry and tired? You are dehydrated. You should be drinking minimum 2 litres of water a day to remain sufficiently hydrated. Keep a refillable water bottle on your person or in your bag. Keep it full and keep sipping. This will have instant effects on your life. You will be more awake, sharper, full of energy and have a great complexion  Рno more looking tired. I notice instant effects on my skin when I increase water intake.

2. Work out

This may seem obvious but with latest figures showing 1.9 billion people are overweight this a key step. Start once or twice a week doing full body workouts and light cardio and build it up until you get the bug and are going to the gym seven times a week. However, you don’t need to be in a state of the art gym to get an effective workout. You can workout all the key muscles at home. Pull ups, push ups and body weight squats over the course of three months will show a significant difference. Working out will leave you fitter, stronger, happier and more attractive. There is even strong evidence that working out is the key to be smarter.

3. Write every day

This is a key step I learned from Ed Latimore a heavy weight boxing champion and academic who writes every day. By writing every day you will be able to articulate yourself better which improves the way you come off to people – first impressions are everything! Writing is also an extension of your memory keeping a daily diary is a great way to remember ideas and memories that may slip your mind. Writing stimulates the brain and challenges it to think of better ways to form sentences growing your lexicon! For tips of how to write well read this!

4. Keep a solid routine

This is a major key! Keeping a solid routine should be a part of every mans life. Waking up early and the same time every day solidifies circadian rhythms stopping sleep deprivation. Having a solid routine stops chaotic behaviour and allows you to be productive and therefore satisfied. Routine also reduces anxiety as it adds structure to your life allowing you to control many aspects of it. It is amazing how many people who do not have a routine. They live chaotic, unproductive lives that leave them unsatisfied and eventually depressed. Take control!

5. Take risks

Every day you take risks. Leaving the house is a risk, driving your car is a risk, eating a meal is a risk. Why then be afraid? Statistically speaking, you have a 0.01% chance of being successful without taking a risk, simply put – it wont happen. Risk is a crucial aspect of being successful and living an exciting life. Where is the fun without risk? Now, I am not saying go and bet your savings in a casino! Take smart risks, risks that have a low chance of failure and a high chance of success should be taken often. High ROI risks should be sought out and grabbed. Don’t live a life of safety and certainty, this is the precise way to become boring and end up a wage slave for the rest of your life.

Start doing these easy steps and I promise you will notice a positive change in your life.


2 thoughts on “5 Easy ways to improve your life

    1. Ok so my point really is that you should always take risks aka start a business, quit your job, change job etc. Why? Because if you really want to be successful risk is necessary. Don’t take risk and start that business = no freedom and money. Ok so not every risk will pay off but you shouldn’t be afraid to fail, it is going to take multiple attempts normally to achieve a good goal however you will learn a massive amount from failing.

      To break it down:
      You shouldn’t be afraid of risk because it is statistically the only way to be rich. Not taking risk sets you up for a life of mediocracy and intense boredom.

      Take smart risks get high ROI !

      Thanks for the feedback.


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