The myth of overnight success

In todays culture everything is instant: News, food, information, success….?

There is a mind-set in society especially amongst my generation (millennial) that success should be instant. The goal is to do one good thing then get massive reward for it. I myself have been guilty of this, until recently (6 months) I had the lazy mind-set, waiting for my lucky break. Guess what happened? (hint: Nothing). It was only when I changed the way I thought (mind-set) did I really start to see changes in my success, happiness and relationships.

The truth:

99.9% of the time you will not become successful for nothing.

So why even bother with this mind-set?

The truth:

People are lazy as fuck and incredibly entitled.

Real success comes from incredibly hard work. Busting your ass day in day out and making smart decisions to boost your work. Success comes from keeping fit, healthy, educated and having a solid work ethic. Laziness and entitlement will get you nowhere.

Most businesses you know of were created from pure blood, sweat and tears. The founders grafted hard and smart, working on their dream to make it a reality.

Hard work isn’t easy

The cold hard truth is that if you want to be successful you need to put in the work, make smart decisions and use time effectively. All while maintaining health (NO.1 priority) both physical and mental as well as having good relationships with other positive, driven people.

Another key factor is to not to be afraid of making a mistake or failure. If you don’t take the risk you will never see if it pays off. If it doesn’t move on try again, if it does excellent build on this.

Why rely on luck to make your fortune, statistically speaking you will not become rich by chance so why take the risk. There is less risk involved by actually working and taking intelligent risks!

Work hard, work smart, stay healthy….




3 thoughts on “The myth of overnight success

  1. Love this! You sound a lot like me.

    Broke into the millionaire rank in my 40s. Nothing fancy. Do something that will make at least six figures. Put at least 10% of that in stock. Not bonds or annuities. But stock. Buy houses. Live in them. Sell them. Buy another. Repeat.

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