Every GREAT MAN needs a routine

Humans respond well to repetitive actions. Doing the same process over and over can be used as form of anxiety reducing therapy. This is simple, lack of complexity reduces stress and therefore has a positive impact on mental health.

As Jordan Peterson a Canadian phycologist currently blowing up suggests  “a lack of routine is chaos”. The hormonal and chemical balance of your body will be derailed. The circadian rhythms that your body gets settled into will be ruined. These factors combined creates a more stressful life which in turn has a detrimental effect on your mental health.

To really be successful a man needs a routine

If you think of this in the big picture. A solid routine practised every day will have great benefits for the quality of life. Completing a list of positive tasks every day reinforces positive brain function – reducing anxiety and increasing happiness.


  • Getting up at the same time every day synchronises your circadian rhythm reducing tiredness and eliminates the risk of sleep deprivation (Sleeping at same time as well).
  • Going to the gym every day improves health and looks – more attractive – more confident and happier.
  • Reading every day allows for new learning – improving creativity and intelligence.
  • Making daily progress towards a side business creates drive and allows for financial independence at an earlier age.

These are a few examples of how having a daily routine is good!


The key part is to make the routine full of positive actions. Do not have a routine of watching TV and eating shit this will only lead to a rut and a bad lifestyle.

Learn a skill, spend time with family, work out, learn…

Make your routine great, make yourself even better.


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