Writing needs to be in your routine

Writing is the difference between humans and other species. An ancient form of communication and recording data. It has been essential for the development of humanity as ideas, designs, instructions have been passed down and recorded through millennia.

It’s a dying trade.

As technology progresses, the need to write things down decreases. Everything we need to know and do can be summarised into a 140 character tweet. At university most of my notes are taken on a computer without even thinking about it. There is no physical manipulation of a pen to create a word – it’s mindless drone typing. Most of this information does not go in, stored temporarily and then forgotten about.

Writing is the best form of memory, it is a permanent record of what you are thinking of at that time. By writing you are literally connecting neurons together in your brain. Forming memory.


Recently I have been writing down the goals I want to achieve for the day, examples:

  • Go for a run
  • Write blog post
  • Research block chain

By doing this you are sending a physical message to your brain that these tasks need to be completed instead of just saying you are going to do it. It also causes guilt when you don’t do it. Getting to the end of a day and being able to check off a list of tasks you have completed is satisfying and feels productive. This increases the chance you will do it again as its triggering dopamine receptors in your brain.

Starting small like this slowly increases productivity and allows you to streamline work. YOU will become more efficient.

Learn something, write about it, recycle and repeat. 


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