Politics is bad for your health

Just before the Uk election on the 8th of June I promised myself that I would give politics a break when the result was announced. I’ve been political all my life and my views have changed rapidly from far radical left in my early teens too hard right in early 2016.

Ahmed the clock bomb kid “red-pilled” me

My politics changed in late 2015 early 2016 when I started to see the liberal media for what it was – lies, bias and corruption. I found a new hero: Trump. He was fresh, aggressive, straight talking and the underdog. When my friends found out I supported him they laughed thinking I was joking. How could I support someone with such “racist” “divisive” views.

Slowly but surely after the effects of mass immigration started to unfold in Europe combined with the election scandal of the DNC primaries and Clinton’s email server I started to bring them round to Trump.

After hours of arguments, producing “facts”, insults and anger I converted a few people away from the mainstream media over to my side. Finally they could see what I was seeing.

But to what cost?

It took hours of arguments, falling outs, and attacks to get people to listen to me. People around school didn’t like my view and made it known. I became less popular and more outcast. The only person who would truly listen to me was my girlfriend and she even thought my view was crazy.

I was stressed and focussing on the wrong things around the time of my exams, and this took its effect on my results. I had converted virtually no one and this stressed me even more.

How could they not see the truth?

In hindsight looking back I’ve realised that arguments, attacking, name calling etc gets you nowhere. It’s a common psychological theory that by attacking someone’s views you only entrench them further. Everyone thinks they are right! The best way to convert someone is discussion – talk to them about their views, challenge them lightly then leave it. If you are a powerful enough conversationalist you will have planted a small seed. Keep this up for a few months and people will start to come around to your idea. Do not attack their views stop calling them a cuck, nazi, fascist, racist etc. THIS ACHIEVES NOTHING its virtue signalling.

Coming up to the 2017 election after brexit, the country was already divided. The mantra was we needed a “strong, stable” government to carry us leaving the EU. The Tories weren’t going to do that and up until about 2 weeks before the election I didn’t think labour could. Again arguments between me and my friends, family and house mates stressed me out, bogged me down, distracted me from what I needed to be focussing on – University.

My point is that politics is important, but do not make it your life. At the time of elections and referendums read up properly on manifestos and make your choice. Leave it at that! Otherwise it will strain your relationships, your work ethic and your health.

“I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy as cause for withdrawing from a friend” – Thomas Jefferson



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