Why you should have a right wing philosophy

In today’s world there could not be more of a divide between the right and the left. It seems you have to be the extreme direction of one or the other. It’s almost impossible to find a centrist point of view. The left will tell you being right is evil and inhumane and The right will tell you being left-wing is weak, totalitarian anti freedom. To some extent this is true – the far extremes of both sides are wrong! the middle ground is the way forward.

However if we analyse the basic philosophies of left and right-wing policies it’s evident that one will create a better mindset for yourself and set you up for success.

Too break it down:

Left wing:

Social progressiveness (less value for tradition), helping the less fortunate, the redistribution of wealth. The freedom to fail

Right wing:

Survival of the fittest, economic freedom, less regulations, looking after yourself, the freedom to succeed not equality.

You can argue the pros and cons of both for the next 1000 years but if you look at it and think about it, having a right-wing philosophy for yourself makes you a better person.

If you believe in survival of the fittest you are going to become more healthy, go to the gym, lift weights (increase strength), increase protein intake and stop bad habits like smoking, drinking, excessive soy/sugar etc. What will this do for you?

  1. Increase your health (longer life, less health problems)
  2. Increase strength of body and mind (having the will and determination to exercise every day gives you a massive advantage over normal people).
  3. Build muscle (Feels great, makes you more attractive)
  4. Save money (No smoking + less drinking = more money for you)
  5. Keeps testosterone levels high (Soy is terrible for men – increases estrogen, sugar makes you fat – overweight people have lower testosterone)

These are easy to obtain and will have a massive impact on your life.

By believing and knowing that you are the owner of your body and has the right to choose your path you will become more determined to succeed. Having something to fall back on in case of failure will make you weak. This is why people from poorer backgrounds often have greater work ethic – they know failure and poverty! This is one of the main problems with the welfare state. It drains the work ethic out of people as they know they can keep getting checks from the government – remove this, increase incentives for success = more driven populus

By having a right-wing philosophy you will become more driven more determined, fitter and more likely to succeed. Stop doing what the mainstream tells you and do the opposite of the common person – most people are wrong.



13 thoughts on “Why you should have a right wing philosophy

  1. So being right wing will make you a better person, but only superficially, ie. better health, greater wealth, more motivation to increase wealth for oneself.
    You have not equated being a “better person” to anything ethical. Your argument says you will be better off, but only YOU the individual, not be better in how you treat others. I think right there we see a fundamental difference between the 2 sides of politics don’t we…

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      1. Nothing. It’s simply how we define the word “better”.
        If I see a fat, poor person who cares for others and tries to help people, I think infinitely more highly of them than a person who is physically fit and rolling in cash but doesn’t wish to aid anybody else. I find that selfish.
        In my opinion, being a “better person” is having more compassion for others and showing it through their actions.
        I suppose that’s a fundamental difference between how I see the world vs how the author sees the world.

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      2. Interesting, while I agree with what you’re saying I think you can do a lot more good for the world as a rich physically fit person. Focus on yourself first everyone else after.


  2. Your concept of “survival of the fittest”, in the context of the capitalist system, is plainly wrong. That’s what they call Social Darwinism; which, if strictly applied, implies e. g. that we should let people with Down’s Syndrome die or live in misery. And, of course, if you go to the gym and all that you’re going to be physically fit and healthy, but that won’t make you ‘fit’ in this society.

    To really survive and “be fit” in the capitalist system, you basically have to accumulate enough wealth to pay, with the interest earned, all your expenses for the rest of your life. Then you wouldn’t have to work for a living, which is one of the greatest freedoms one can have. And I repeat, there are good reasons to go to the gym, but let’s be real: that doesn’t contribute to your freedom, but to your happiness. You’re still bound to the way the world works, and its chains only let you make certain movements. To accumulate such wealth, you have to (1) be born in a middle or upper class family, or (2) have talent (to stand up among others in some discipline/ability), or (3) studying some subject and specializing in it, getting good grades. (not a complete list)

    Being a social darwinist makes you unempathetic towards people of lower class, people that have no talent (or don’t have the resources to exploit it), and people who can’t afford studying. These are few examples. I personally find that one can be empathetic to that people and still achieve my goals in life, why not! Can’t affirm now, but I think I’m going to have a good future while holding egalitarian political views.

    To which extent do you support social darwinism? IMO, it would be pretty fucked up if someone e. g. becomes the CEO of ACME by being an awful person, a psychopath whose only concern is being better off himself at the expense of the others.

    If you were a Marine, would you leave your friends in the hard times (think of a war), or would you fight for them? By your mindset, I believe that you would say fight for them. Then, why don’t do the same thing with most people?

    Thankfully, you sure have enough resources, as me, and can live a satisfying life. But not everyone does. And, just simply let alone less privileged people into their own misery, that is pretty fucked up. We reached the Moon, why can’t we help people in our own planet, at least in my country or yours?

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  3. Wow a lot of these commentators are cucked.

    You are spot on in your analysis. Being right-wing is much better for you, because it puts the onus and responsibility for your life in your own hands, and not on others.

    People love to blame someone else for their troubles. But they rarely take absolute ownership of their troubles.

    The progressive or left-wing individual is either an unnacomplished loser or a filthy fake moralist, showcasing his so-called compassion for the weak in order to inflate his own ego.

    Being right-wing is being attuned to nature.

    Remember, people have largely right-wing positions by nature; it takes a massive effort of indoctrination to make them true believers of the leftist dogma.

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