Big data is sapping your productivity

The internet is undoubtedly the most important development of the last 100 years

There is exactly ZERO excuses to be ignorant and stupid if you have an internet connection. You can learn about anything and everything, read scientific journals, complete online courses and listen to the advice of extremely successful people.


When are you taking in too much data?

We all know what it’s like to be flustered and confused learning about new topics. Its said that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert on a subject. Who has that much time to spend?

Thats 416 days of learning.

Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and YouTube are great for getting data and news at a rapid pace. We can learn about a major news story (Terrorism, Market Crash) within seconds of it happening which is a great advantage to have.

However, it’s easy to spend hours, days, weeks and months scrolling these sites absorbing as much data as we can. Personally I spend maybe 3/4 hours a day reading blogs, Twitter and Reddit.

Thats 28 hours a week – over a full day! 52 days a year !

I’m not saying don’t use these mediums what I am saying is that we should be cutting down content and streamlining learning to make it efficient

Learn about one thing at a time, interested in finance? Follow all the accounts related to finance (Wall Street PlayboysNaval RavikantFinancial SamuraiMichael Medici)

Podcasts are another great example of time-wasting, although they provide excellent way to learn about new topics (Hardcore history – Dan Carlin) it’s easy to get dragged into listening at all hours of the day – working, driving, walking. Cut down, find 2/3 that are educational and interesting and listen to them as you fall asleep or at breakfast.

Unfollow everything else; celebrities, meme accounts, video accounts – these are wasting your time and who the fuck cares what some B list celeb is doing anyway. If you do care you are a loser.

Streamline your life, streamline your learning, become more efficient.



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